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Dog Park Group Selects Potential Site
Dog Park
A newly-formed committee meets in City Hall to discuss possible locations to place a dog park for the citizens of Riverbank. Several potential sites were discussed, with the most inexpensive favored by the group. Ric McGinnis/The News

An ad hoc group of Riverbank’s citizens has been forming recently, meeting from time to time at City Hall and discussing options for building a dog park facility in town.

At its most recent meeting, last Saturday, the group narrowed the possibilities to one, which it was willing to recommend to the city.

Also, the group voted to organize more formally, electing a chair to head the meetings. Monique Withrow was chosen to head up the group.

The committee discussed details of the potential site that could be located on the Riverbank Industrial Complex site, in the north end, near some runoff ponds that are there.

Tom Dowdy, Parks and Facilities Maintenance Supervisor, standing in for Parks Director Sue Fitzpatrick, pointed out that the area would need to be fenced off, which would have to be part of the park development.

The group also discussed the potential for raising funds for the project, including grants and donations, and what it would take to become a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Dowdy volunteered that anyone with interest in participating in the group or needing more information could contact his office at 863-7123.

Look in this week’s Living Section of The News for features on the existing dog parks in the region and information on additional communities proposing them.