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Dutch Hollow Hosts Sunflower Event
sunflower 1
By the bucket, by the handful, crowds of people turned out last Friday to take advantage of Dutch Hollow’s Sunflower Family Date Night event. Several fields at the facility have been planted with several varieties of the flowers, and now it’s harvest time. Ric McGinnis/The News
Youngsters, oldsters, families and individuals took time last Friday to participate in a Sunflower Family Date Night at Dutch Hollow Farms, located on the western corner of Oakdale and Claribel roads. People came from all over to wander through the fields, leaving with containers, or just arm loads, of the long-stalked plants. Ric McGinnis/The News

Families, friends, youngsters, oldsters, folks of all sizes and ages flocked to Dutch Hollow Farms over the weekend to participate in the Family Date Night held on Friday, July 17. The one-day event was so popular that organizers quickly decided on Saturday to hold a 2.0 version on that day, as well.

From single flowers, or a few, armloads to bucket loads, the fields were quite crowded the in the bright afternoon sun. Where a week or two ago, the available sunflowers were popping up amid a stand of corn, this past weekend there were several fields of just flowers to choose from.

The farm is located at the northwest corner of Oakdale Road at Claribel.

A recent post on Dutch Hollow’s Facebook page indicates that they soon will be preparing fields for fall crops, like pumpkins and much more corn, so those who are interested in the sunflowers should make haste to get their chance to harvest.

And it’s unknown if the farm will still be there next year. The construction of Crossroads West, both commercial and residential developments, were originally to have begun work sometime this summer. When that work begins, the farm is expected to go by the wayside in its current location.

Where Dutch Hollow is located is the area intended for the shopping center. The whole development is set to stretch from Oakdale Road west to the MID canal and from Claribel Road north to just past Morrill Road.