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Eitelgeorge Finishes First In Math Super Bowl Blitz
Eitelgeorge pix
Cardozo Middle School eighth grader Will Eitelgeorge and math teacher James Aguirre posed for a photo opportunity in celebration of a win at the math super bowl. VIRGINIA STILL/THE NEWS

For the second year in a row Cardozo Middle School (CMS) student Will Eitelgeorge took first place in the Blitz at the Math Super Bowl held on April 8 at Davis High School in Modesto. CMS Math teacher James Aguirre discovered this competition last year which Eitelgeorge and Vincent Genova competed in at that time. This year there were six eighth graders, two seventh graders, and one sixth grader from Cardozo that participated in the 2017 Math Super Bowl. Eitelgeorge is an eighth grade student.

“We were probably the smallest school there,” stated Aguirre. “There was a lot of competition. For example, Ustach took a bus load of seventh and eighth graders.”

Eitelgeorge took a leadership role in preparation for this year’s competition and assisted the six, seventh and eighth graders by taking sample tests. The practice tests were available online which included 500 to 600 questions. Eitelgeorge solved all the questions and then helped prepare the other students.

There were approximately 270 students in grades seven through 12 from several schools in Stanislaus County that participated in the Math Super Bowl, which has three competitions The Blitz, The Huddle, and The Bomb.

The Bomb was the first event which involves a five-person team and each person receives a sheet of paper and there are five questions. Each team member will answer one question and then pass it on to the next person in a timed relay type event.

The second part of the Bowl was the Blitz which is an individual event with 40 questions that must be completed in an hour. Having the highest number of correct answers, Eitelgeorge won first place in the Blitz among the eighth graders.

“Will took first in the Blitz for the second year in row,” expressed Aguirre. “I am ecstatic. I am really proud of Will and all the children that participated. It was a great activity.”

The Huddle was the final event in the Super Bowl which is a two-man contest where in the first 30 minutes the students answer 30 questions and in the final 15 minutes the students will collaborate and turn in one final answer sheet.

At the end of the competition an award ceremony was held and Eitelgeorge was presented with a trophy.

“I am really proud of these guys,” added Aguirre of the entire Cardozo team. “They did a great job. They practiced and they did their best.”