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Families Share Love Of Reading At Literacy Night
Cal Ave Lit Night
Attendees at California Avenue’s Literacy Night got to take part in a variety of projects in this classroom celebrating literacy. Photo Courtesy Of Kathy Briggs

California Avenue Elementary hosted a Literacy Night in late October to encourage reading, give attendees the chance to purchase books at the annual Book Fair, and participate in various literacy activities. Families took part in the activities and were given tips on how to read every night together. Some of the ideas that were given were to let their child read the playing cards from a board game, talk about the books that are being read, cook together by reading recipes or creating a grocery list, visit the local library and make memories by finding joy in reading.

“We have had Literacy Night for many years,” Principal Kathy Briggs said. “It used to be we only had the Book Fair. For the past several years we have added literacy activities.”

There were classrooms that had certain activities including a puppet theater, recipe station, syllable, and punctuation learning. All families that attend California Avenue are allowed to participate and there were approximately 125 guests that attended this year.

Cal Ave Lit Night
Families were able to purchase books during the recent Literacy Night as California Avenue Elementary was also having a book fair. Photo Courtesy Of Kathy Briggs