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Fire District Board Swears In Two New Members
Stanislaus Consolidated Fire Protection District Board Clerk Betty Hannah, back to the camera, administers the oath of office to Chad Homme, newly appointed representative from Riverbank at a meeting on Thursday, Jan. 16. Waiting his turn behind is Brandon Rivers, who will be representing the Waterford area. Board members are appointed by their respective city councils, to serve a four-year term. Ric McGinnis/The News

The Board of Directors of the Stanislaus Consolidated Fire Protection District gathered for a meeting last week at its Riverbank Fire Hall, seating two new board members and pining badges on a new group of firefighters.

On Thursday evening, Jan. 16, the SCFPD board welcomed Chad Homme, representing Riverbank, and Brandon Rivers, from Waterford, with Board Clerk Betty Hannah administering the oath of office. The two were appointed by their respective city councils to represent the interests of their residents on the governing board.

Then they swore in a group of paramedic/firefighters to serve across the many stations the district operates.

It was a standing room only affair, with a crowd of family and friends observing the occasion. And it appeared to be an ‘all hands’ affair for the district’s fire crews, as well. Officials noted that other nearby fire districts were going to be covering calls so the district crews could participate in the evening.

Family members young and old pinned badges on the new firefighters, one by one.

The board also recognized the retirement of Deputy Chief Mike Wapnowski. He was invited to share his plans for the future with the audience, then the meeting took a break for some refreshments.

After the break, the board undertook its regular business.

Among other items, the board reorganized its officers, and reorganized its standing committees, adding in its new members.

They revised and updated the Director’s Policy Manual and also updated the SCFPD Organization Chart. Also they considered approval of an agreement between Stanislaus County and the district for Emergency Communications Equipment and Infrastructure.

A full house of family, friends and Stanislaus Consolidated fire crews all crowded into the district meeting room behind the Riverbank fire hall on Thursday evening, Jan. 16. Six new paramedic/firefighters were sworn in and one firefighter was promoted to engineer, with loved ones participating in the badge pinning as the audience looked on. Ric McGinnis/The News