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Fraudulent Donation Accounts For Deputy Garner, CSO Johnson

Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department officials are warning of a scam that has emerged following the tragic deaths in a weekend car crash of Deputy Jason Garner and Community Service Officer Raschel Johnson.

“As with any tragedy there are always those criminals who find a way to take advantage of the great people in our community who want to help,” the sheriff’s department stated in an advisory released on Monday. “We are aware of one go fund me account using a photo of Deputy Garner and Community Service Officer Johnson.”

This is a fake account and detectives are currently investigating who the account belongs to. Also be aware of people attempting to collect donations via phone calls. The Sheriff’s Department, nor any other group, association, or organization is collecting money or donations via phone call from community.

Sheriff Adam Christianson stated, “Exploiting the Garner family and the Johnson family by soliciting fraudulent donations is a despicable criminal act. If identified, those criminal cowards will be arrested and prosecuted.”

The Stanislaus Sworn Deputies Association is in the process of establishing a Memorial Fund for Deputy Garner and CSO Johnson. Once the fund is established, the information will be shared on the sheriff’s department Facebook pages and their website at

The Johnson family has established an approved GoFundMe account at