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High School Hosts Open House For Families
RHS Spanish teacher Pete Perkins discusses the progress of one of his students with a parent during the schools open house evening. The campus-wide event showed off the work students have accomplished nearing the end of the school year.

Riverbank High parents, their students, families and friends returned to the campus on Thursday night, April 26 to visit its classrooms and instructors for the school’s open house presentations.

The groups met with teachers through the evening to discuss their student’s work and the progress made during the school year. There are just over three weeks remaining until the end of school and graduation.

In addition to the visits to classrooms, they were invited to Joe Bruin’s Cafe, a simulated coffee shop set up in the school’s Black Box Theatre. Members of the drama department and other students performed on stage while the standing room only audience watched.

In between acts, they were able to view student art work displayed on the walls of the theatre, with drawings and paintings along one side, and graphic designs and photographs on the opposing wall. Couches and tables were distributed in the audience area to add to the coffee shop atmosphere.

Members of the RHS culinary class had prepared and sold refreshments throughout the evening, with beverages and pastries the order of the day.

In the drama classroom next door, students from the computer graphics classes showed off their animation work and computer games, both on video screens, on a large projection screen, and even a pair of virtual reality goggles.

Parents and other visitors also were invited to drop by their student’s classroom across campus, to look in on instructors there with whom they could discuss the year’s progress.