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Holiday Patrols Handle Cases
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The final day of 2013 on the streets of Riverbank included several traffic stops, a medical aid call, a few fights, identity theft, disturbing the peace and some suspicious people.

Riverbank Police Services made a few DUI arrests as 2013 rolled over into 2014 and a shots fired call also led to an arrest. A vehicle was leaving the area where the shots were reported and was stopped by deputies, said officials. The occupant of the vehicle had a loaded handgun in the pocket of his pants along with narcotics. He was taken into custody without incident.

There were no other major incidents reported during the holiday period.

Violent crimes have gone down in the City of Action, but thefts have increased with the exception of auto thefts, which are also down, according to Riverbank Police Services Chief Erin Kiely.

In the New Year, the chief noted that detectives have new technology that will assist them in combating property crimes and he also has some goals for the department.

“Riverbank Police Services will make every effort to keep its traffic unit strong, as traffic collisions have been a leading cause of accidental death and injury in the city within the last year,” stated Chief Kiely. “I am fortunate that the timing of my appointment coincides with a fully intact and committed City Council and equally committed and capable City Manager.

“I very much look forward to working with them in the New Year to make the most of the resources we have.”