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Jog-A-Thon Raises Funds And Promotes Health
Mesa Verde
The students ran the laps last Friday with smiles on their faces and lots of enthusiasm. VIRGINIA STILL/THE NEWS
CA 1
These Jaguars were getting ready to run at starting line for the jog-a-thon. Photo Contributed
Mesa Verde
After each class took their turn on the field they were able to participate in a dance party to continue their physical fitness. VIRGINIA STILL/THE NEWS
CA 2
Feeling energized were these students from California Avenue Elementary as they participated in the jog-a-thon. Photo Contributed

Students at California Avenue Elementary and Mesa Verde Elementary schools recently participated in campus jog-a-thons to raise funds for field trips and supplies for student success. The jog staff advised the event is also to promote student health by adding a little bit more physical activity to their day. The weather at both school sites was very cooperative for the run.

California Avenue had its jog-a-thon on Friday, Oct. 11 on campus that began at 9 a.m. and ended by about 11:30 a.m. There were approximately 640 students that participated in the jog from all classes. They ran by grade level around the track with parents on the sidelines encouraging them and showing their support.

“The PTA sponsored the event and the money is designated for field trips,” stated Instructional Coach Penny Bartholomew. “Approximately $7,400 has been collected. After each grade level ran the PTA handed out waters and fruit.”

She added that the students at California Avenue received medals and the top students that raised the most money received gift cards and movie passes.

Mesa Verde Elementary fifth grade teacher and Student Council Advisor Vanessa Arellano along with the student council organized the event this past Friday, Oct. 18. Totals for that school’s event were not available by the time the News went to press. The money raised during the jog-a-thon is for field trips throughout the school year. There are about 25 students from third, fourth, and fifth grade that make up the student council with the President, Isabella Rodriguez and Vice President, Olivia Bulygo that helped organize the day’s activities at Mesa Verde.

“I think it went well,” said Arellano. “Students seem to have fun and even the adults. I think they enjoy the dance parties after running as much as the running during the jog-a-thon. It is just fun.”

The speakers were set up and playing some jams to keep everyone motivated was emcee and teacher Olivia Fernandez. During the run Fernandez would shout out, “walk like monkey” or “like a crab”: to have the students do so as they made their laps to add to the fun. Kindergarten and first grade students were the first to hit the field, second and third went next and then fourth and fifth grades wrapped it up. Each group ran for about 30 minutes and while one group ran the other classes cheered them on. They also had a chance once they were done to have a dance party.

“We do the jog-a-thon to promote health within the kids,” she added. “It is our biggest fundraiser. I do it in October to kick off Red Ribbon Week. They get new spirit shirts and we are all out there trying to have this big party. Then Red Ribbon Week is the following week.”

The students will receive prizes for the classroom like first place gets a pizza party, second place an ice cream party, and third place will receive donuts. The top earners will receive gift cards. The top 10 students will have lunch with the principal Ms. Ott and the top five will get to pie teachers in the face at an assembly planned in a few weeks. 

Mesa Verde
Just like a panther this youngster stealthily made her way around the post during the jog-a-thon at Mesa Verde Elementary last Friday. VIRGINIA STILL/THE NEWS
Mesa 3
Photo By Virginia Still
Mesa Student Body
Mesa Verde Elementary student council including President Isabella Rodriguez and Vice President, Olivia Bulygo shown here helped organize the events of the day. VIRGINIA STILL/THE NEWS