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July Fourth Holiday Celebrated Throughout Riverbank
Riv river 1
The level of water in the Stanislaus River seemed to be running slower and a little warmer, just in time for swimmers to be able to play in the water adjacent to Jacob Myers Park over the holiday weekend. The park was fairly busy with youngsters and oldsters splashing around, even though high temperatures were slightly below seasonal averages.

Slightly cooler than average temperatures greeted residents and visitors to the Riverbank area as they celebrated the Fourth of July holiday over the past weekend.

There was plenty fun in the sun to be had throughout town, with barbecues fired up in backyards and parks in almost every neighborhood.

Fireworks were heard almost every evening over the weekend, some likely legal, but others, most annoyingly not. And they created havoc in the neighborhoods and panic among pets and farm animals. One local horse was reportedly injured after crashing into its corral fence following what was described as an M-80 sized explosion someone threw into its paddock on July 3rd.

Meanwhile, at Jacob Myers Park over the weekend, celebrants enjoyed slightly cooler than average temperatures just right for picnics and dips in the river.

The level of the water was low enough to allow those so inclined to walk all the way across and was moving quickly but not too fast to splash, float and play.

On the holiday itself, a local Boy Scout troop posted US flags on both sides of Atchison Street/Highway 108 where it runs through downtown Riverbank.

Although the Summer Concert Series in June has concluded, on Saturday, July 6, park goers enjoyed the first of the summer’s free Movie in the Park presentations, after dark. Featured was the movie “Wonder,” a popular film from 2017.