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Landscaping Nears Completion
A Grover Landscaping worker spreads bark over the lower apron of the roundabout on Crawford Road. The former grass covered area has been converted to ground cover with a drip irrigation system. Ric McGinnis/The News

Work on landscaping on Crawford Road in Crossroads was nearing completion last week.

A crew from Grover Landscaping was finishing up the conversion of the grass area on the roundabout from grass to ground cover. The week before, the old, dead grass was removed, and the irrigation system redone, using a drip system grid.

It has been some time since the grass was being watered, because of changes in the city’s policies caused by the continuing drought. The water system on the shrubbery ring and the trees at the center of the roundabout have continued, since over spray there has not been a problem.

The grid system has replaced the sprinkler heads on the lower area, and ground cover similar to that used in tree wells downtown has been planted. Earlier, the grid system and ground cover plants were installed on the median running through Crawford Road, beginning at Roselle. Similar plants have been put down on the other end of Crawford, in the area between the curb and sidewalk where the new trees have been planted.

Over the past week, the bark ground cover was being spread, completing the transformation.