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Last Chance To Skate Before Back To School
Skate pix
Mason Melton, 11, climbs up and over the rim on the bowl at Riverbank Skate Park last week. He, his mom Tiffany, and 6-year-old brother Kai were taking advantage of the cooler morning temperatures on Tuesday, Aug. 9, the day before school officially started last week. The brothers have been skateboarding most of their lives. Ric McGinnis/The News

A Riverbank mom took advantage of the cooler morning temperatures on the day before school started last week to get in some skate park action with her two boys.

Last Tuesday was cooler in the morning than the rest of the day, and mom Tiffany Melton took the opportunity to let her two sons, Kai, 6, and Mason, 11, to kick out the cobwebs on a trip to the Riverbank Skate Park at First and Santa Fe streets.

The pair has been skateboarding for most of their lives, she said, having gotten their starts when dad began teaching them how to surf, for real, when the family lived in Santa Cruz.

And, as it turns out, the family is home schooled, with trips to the skate park a treat for hard work, and they had actually started their school year a few weeks ago. Melton said that way, they could take long weekends or additional time off during the semester without getting behind.