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Lazy Days Of Summer On The Wane
Temperatures in the Riverbank area soared to over 100 degrees this past week as a heat wave overtook California, causing many to flock to the relative cool of the Stanislaus River and Jacob Myers Park. With school scheduled to begin soon and football practices underway, the heat was expected to dip just slightly this week. Ric McGinnis/The News

Students were beginning to think about their return to school next week, just as a 100-plus degree heat wave was tearing at the Central Valley.

While some opted for the cooler water of the Riverbank Community Pool or the river at Jacob Myers Park, others last week were undertaking stamina and agility drills on the football practice field.

Still other families escaped to the relative cool of a coastal vacation or a trip to the streams, lakes and campgrounds of the Sierra.

Nonetheless, school is starting soon in Riverbank, with classes at both Riverbank Unified and Sylvan districts scheduled to begin on Wednesday, Aug. 10. Both Aug. 8 and 9 are teacher prep days in both districts.