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Mighty Meg Endures
Mighty Meg
Held by a caring human, this little four-legged love bundle named Mighty Meg had a rough beginning but is healing and ready for a loving forever home. Photo Contributed


Mighty Meg earned her name honestly, showing the world just what kind of strength a little dog can have. Meg is about one year old and she spent that first year of life tied up in a backyard with a rope around her neck. The rope eventually became embedded in her neck as her body grew. Rescued by the Oakdale Animal Shelter, she received medical treatment from Family Veterinary Care of Oakdale, who surgically removed the rope. She has been recovering in a foster home, and is now ready for adoption.

Meg is a quick learner, with tremendous focus, and is very athletic and energetic. She would make an incredible agility dog. In spite of her sad start in life, Meg is a loving dog, with an amazing spirit, who more than anything, just wants to be by your side.