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Morrill Repaving Project Nearly Done
A steam roller, spreading and heating unit and a double trailer dump truck team up to repave Morrill Road in western Riverbank over the past several weeks. The project has been hampered by rainfall in the region. Ric McGinnis/The News

Residents on Morrill Road in western Riverbank have faced the annoyance of a road work construction zone for the past several weeks. With the heavy rains over the past weekend, and a bit more anticipated later this week, they don’t know for sure when things will be done.

Several weeks ago, Modesto based contractor George Reed began work on replacing the asphalt, from the canal near Jackson Street westward to the block near Oakdale Road.

When they began with scraping off the surface that was there a few weeks ago, they learned that the westbound lane, the north side of the street, was only two inches thick. According to one of the supervisors, it apparently didn’t get compacted properly back in 2000, when construction of the Crossroads subdivisions first began. He said it should have been about four inches.

That delayed work a little bit, and the project has been underway for several weeks.

First, the scraping had to rest. Then the asphalt had to be applied, then allowed to cool. Then the ‘iron’ had to be replaced. That’s the manhole and access panels for subterranean pipes and drains. And temporary pavement markings were installed to control traffic. All this while residents along the project had to dodge street closures, detours and similar obstacles.

The most recent progress indicated that what remained is painting lines, turn arrows and crosswalks. However, crews still had to dodge raindrops and said it may not be easy to find a long enough dry period to finish the lines.