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Newly Elected Fosi Eager To Serve City
Cindy Fosi

The election is over and the people in Riverbank’s District 2 have spoken.

With 598 total votes, according to results released by the Stanislaus County Registrar of Voters office, Cindy Fosi has secured her position on the Riverbank City Council for District 2, defeating Anthony McKinney. He received 293 total votes and there were also nine write-in votes cast.

This was Fosi’s first time running a campaign and the first time that she will fill a seat on the council dais.

There were signs and posters that could be seen throughout District 2 in Riverbank for Fosi and she canvassed the neighborhoods to get the word out that she was running, along with help from some supporters.

“I had a Meet and Greet for those in District 2 to come and meet me and ask me questions,” added Fosi. “I sent out a mailer after the absentee ballots were mailed to all voters in District 2. I also used social media to get my name out there and let people know about me.”

All the hard work paid off for Fosi, pulling in the win on Election Day.

“It’s great,” expressed Fosi about winning. “I am so happy to be able to represent District 2 on the City Council.

“I am humbled by those who voted and the comments from people after my win.”

Fosi has been a Riverbank resident for the past eight years and has spent about four years in District 2.

“My goals have not changed since I was campaigning, they have just expanded,” explained Fosi. “Revitalization of downtown Riverbank and surrounding areas, bring new companies to the old Ammo Plant, the old cannery on Patterson and along Highway 108, increase the staff of the Sheriff and Fire Departments to increase the safety for the citizens of Riverbank.

“I am looking forward to doing the job the citizens have voted me to do.”

Meanwhile, other races of interest in the local area still show a little uncertainty and have not been finalized.

With a week passing since the Nov. 8 Presidential Election, results from the Stanislaus County Registrar of Voters showed incumbent Congressman Jeff Denham appearing poised for reelection in the 10th Congressional District, receiving 53 percent of the vote in Stanislaus County and 51 percent in San Joaquin County. Challenger Michael Eggman received 49 percent of the vote in San Joaquin and 47 percent in Stanislaus counties.

Denham issued a statement and thanked voters for the support and expressed confidence that his 7,422 vote margin would continue to grow as the final ballots are counted.

“I want to thank the voters of the 10th district and say that I am honored by their decision to choose me as their representative,” Denham said the following the election. “Our margin is strong and we believe it will grow as additional ballots are counted over the next several days. I will continue to be a voice for our Valley and will fight for our water and for economic policies that grow jobs.”

On Nov. 10 Stanislaus County Clerk-Recorder Lee Lundrigan stated an additional 1,650 vote by mail (VBM) ballots were received in the mail. California law now extends the time period VBM ballots must be accepted beyond Election Day and have been increasing the number of ballots to be processed. Final results for Congressional District 10 are not expected until next week.

Last week Eggman’s office stated the race was not over until every voice is heard and every vote was counted. Eggman officials said they were working around the clock to ensure every vote is accounted for before this race is officially called.

“My race is too close to call, but this race isn’t over and starting today we are hitting the ground running to make sure every vote is counted and I hope you will continue to stand with me,” Eggman said in a press release. “Together, we have built a strong grassroots campaign that I am confident will ultimately win. But I will need your continued support to cross that finish line. There are still tens of thousands of votes left to be counted and we need to ensure everyone’s voice is heard.”

The increased number of approximately 51,650 vote by mail ballots remain to be processed and counted. Vote by mail processing includes checking the signature on each vote by mail envelope against the signature located on the original affidavit of registration, a signature verification, sorting the vote by mail ballot envelopes into one of the 372 precincts in which they would have voted had they not voted by mail, opening and flattening all vote by mail ballots and then processing each of the vote by mail ballots through the high speed ballot scanning equipment to tabulate them.

In the 5th Senate District, incumbent Cathleen Galgiani was outpacing challenger Alan Nakanishi, 53 to 47 percent in Stanislaus County, 57 to 43 percent in San Joaquin County.

The 12th Assembly District, with Heath Flora and Ken Vogel vying to replace the termed out Kristin Olsen was a close race, showing Flora with 54 percent of the vote in Stanislaus County and 48 percent in San Joaquin County, compared to the 52 percent for Vogel in San Joaquin, 46 percent in Stanislaus.

Also of local interest to Riverbank voters, the countywide Measure L ballot initiative passed with roughly 71 percent of the voters in favor, just 29 percent opposed. The measure will provide funding for local transportation improvement projects by enacting a half-cent countywide sales tax.


News Reporter Richard Paloma contributed to this article.