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Niftys Owners Receive City Council Recognition
Niftys Carrasco
Niftys Restaurant owners, husband and wife Isidro de Jesus and Aminda Carrasco, were recognized and given a Commendation of Valor by the City of Riverbank at a recent City Council meeting. VIRGINIA STILL/THE NEWS


The City of Riverbank honored Nifty’s owners, husband and wife Isidro de Jesus Carrasco and Aminda Carrasco recently for their efforts in assisting a Riverbank resident during a dog attack that occurred across the street from their restaurant in late September.

Mayor Richard D. O’Brien called the couple up to the podium during a city council meeting and presented them a Commendation of Valor certificate.

In part, the certificate outlined the assistance they provided that halted a vicious dog attack.

According to the certificate, “On September 24th, 2017 they intentionally placed themselves in grave danger while they fought off the vicious animal and freeing a defenseless resident and her dog, preventing further injury. Their noble courage and act of kindness to ensure the safety of their fellow Riverbank resident is an example for all to emulate.”

“I just didn’t believe it (recognition),” said Isidro of receiving the council honor. “I was surprised that they were making such a big deal. We just weren’t thinking that it was a big deal at the time. We didn’t think it was going to be anything big like this. We just saw someone in trouble and helped. I needed to help and that was it.”

With news crews on scene shortly after the incident occurred the Carrasco’s got more attention than what they were used to.

Since some time has passed and the dust has settled, Isidro has had time to really think about the situation that occurred. Although they weren’t sure if there would be negative repercussions due to his actions, Isidro expressed that he would step up again if the need arose.

Although it seemed like a normal morning, prepping for breakfast, biscuit making, getting the coffee brewing at 7 a.m. on the morning of Sunday, Sept. 24 it soon turned out to be anything but normal. Aminda saw a lady walking her dog that began to cross the street when a pit bull type of dog attacked her dog. The lady tried to protect her dog and the stray dog turned on her and started attacking her. Aminda called for her husband who grabbed a hammer and a wrench and ran outside to assist the lady and her dog. A man and a woman standing close by were yelling at the dog but the dog did not stop attacking. So Isidro handed the man the wrench and they started striking the dog so that it would stop attacking the woman that was on the ground. The black and white dog with no collar finally stumbled away, heading back to the area from which it came.

The dog was later captured by authorities and put down.

The woman’s daughter later stopped by Nifty’s to thank the couple for their assistance and to let them know that her mom and the dog were recovering well. She also gave them a bigger hammer just in case, she said, they needed to help someone else.

“I just feel good that I was able to help someone,” said Isidro. “I hope it never happens again but if it does and I am there I will do it again.

“The mayor and the rest of the (council) members thanked me and were very grateful that I did something.”

Nifty’s is open for breakfast and lunch and offers a variety of omelets, pancakes, soups, salads, burgers and sandwiches.

“I always cook like I am cooking for myself or my family,” added Isidro. “I like when someone tastes the food and it makes them happy. I like giving people good quality food so they come back. We have been getting a lot of compliments and we have been getting a lot of new people that we have never seen before. It has been good. I thank God for that.”