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Nygard Announces Bid For Congressional Post
Nygard pix

Former Riverbank City Council member Dotty Nygard has declared an interest in running for Representative Jeff Denham’s 10th Congressional District seat and has begun raising funds for a campaign. Denham is a Republican who lives in Turlock. Nygard, a registered nurse, is a Democrat who now lives in Tracy.

While on the Riverbank council, Nygard helped lead several efforts to recall sitting council member Jesse White, grandson of council member and former Mayor Dave White. She also took over operation of the weekly Farmers Market in the city.

But she had to resign from both to move to Tracy.

In declaring her candidacy, Nygard said: “An elected representative should embody the ideals, strengths, and spirit of the people they represent. Equally important, they must understand the concerns and struggles we face as individuals and as a community.”

Issues she said she is concerned about include playing politics with healthcare, with natural resources, with children’s education and local residents’ ability to earn a living wage and support their families.

“An elected official must show leadership and dedication to their constituents rather than sacrifice our future to the highest bidder,” Nygard added. “We must embrace our diversity and respect the tradition of immigration at the core of our Nation’s heritage.”

According to, Nygard’s campaign began Wednesday, April 19 and was announced last week with a Facebook page.