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Ominous Offices At City Hall
Riv City Hall South
The scene at City Hall South was very eerie with ghosts and goblins around every corner. Virginia Still/The News
Riv City Hall North
Walking into City Hall North last week, people may thought they walked into a graveyard as the city had a decorating contest between offices. VIRGINIA STILL/THE NEWS

In a very festive and spirited Halloween gesture, the City of Riverbank participated in a friendly and yet spooktacular office decorating contest for the recent All Hallow’s Eve observance. Although City Hall South was the victorious office all staff members put on a really good show. There were five judges that selected a winner in an unbiased and anonymous manner. When one of the judges asked what the winner would receive in this fun filled team building Halloween decorating contest, they were told some serious bragging rights. Both buildings had a great level of creativity and Halloween spirit but with a vote of 3 to 2, City Hall South defeated the efforts of City Hall North. Overall the competition conjured up some workplace fun and teamwork.

Riv City Hall South II
This ghoul was ready to take your forms and payments at the Riverbank City offices in a very festive Halloween decorating contest last week.