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Pallets Of Empty Cans Spilled At Intersection
A crew from Silgan Containers Corp. works to clean up a can spill at the corner of Patterson Road and Roselle Avenue on the morning of Thursday last week. Ric McGinnis/The News

Empty cans being moved from one warehouse to another this past Thursday slid off the trailer they were on, crashing to the pavement and sidewalk on the west side of Roselle Avenue at the intersection with Patterson Road.

Riverbank Police Services officers were called out to help keep traffic in the area safe during the clean-up and noted that similar loads being moved in this manner have been reported to not have been tied down on the trailer they’re on.

A similar incident in August 2014 had the same result, a big mess all over the street, also fallen off a trailer at the same corner. Only then, it was stacks and stacks … and stacks of can lids on the road. That event, too, disrupted traffic until it was cleaned up. That time, city staff did the pick up while police officers maintained safety.

This time, warehouse staff was used to do the clean-up, taking each load of loose cans back to the building.

The mess was cleaned up and traffic returned to normal in a relatively short time.