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Park Expansion Planning
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The Parks and Recreation Department of the City of Riverbank has begun the process of planning for the expansion of Jacob Myers Park.

The department recently posted an inquiry from the public on its Facebook page “Jacob Myers Park and River.”

In the entry, labeled ‘Thinking about making a change,’ the question is asked “What would you like to see at the park?”

It also lists four ideas: One being Amphitheater, two is Splash lagoon, three is Festivals in the Park or four, for More beach area.

Visitors to the page are asked to comment with the number that corresponds with the item of interest.

It’s possible, perhaps, that others might have additional suggestions as to items they would like to see added to or expanded on at the riverside park.

In addition, those who do not use Facebook are asked to contact the Parks Department directly, at 863-7150, with their own ideas or vote for one of the four suggestions.