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Pet-Friendly Travel Guide
new pets.png announced a new and buzz-worthy directory of dog-friendly breweries across California and the United States. This feature is the latest addition to the site's wide selection of pet friendly accommodations, making a one-stop shop for pet friendly lodging, attractions, beaches, restaurants, and now breweries that welcome those with two and four legs alike.

The number of craft breweries has doubled since 2011, and the popularity of dog friendly breweries has followed suit to meet consumer demands. There are over 80 million households with pets in the U.S., and a whopping 35 percent of these homes belong to millennials, who have been instrumental in steering the demand for craft breweries.

The bond between people and their pets is stronger than ever, fueling the drive to find activities that are pet friendly. Pet parents are always searching for things to do with their pets, and has identified and addressed this growing demand with their new dog friendly brewery directory feature. knows how much people love to include their pups whenever they can - whether it's a family getaway, running errands around town, a trip to the beach, or grabbing a craft brew. This new feature offers up one more way for pups and their people to spend time together that's very pooch friendly.
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