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Police Investigate Threats At Schools

Riverbank was among the school districts that reopened after spring break under some suspicious circumstances.

Sunday night, April 8 the Riverbank Unified School District received a threatening email. Authorities were called due to the threats made which initiated an investigation. Early Monday morning, through the investigation, it was reported that several other school districts received the same threats.

“We take all threats seriously and are not always in a position to determine credibility; however, we do always work with law enforcement because student safety is our number one priority,” stated Riverbank Unified School District Superintendent Dr. Daryl Camp. “Law enforcement was present in the morning.”

Camp explained that the first communication went out to the families in the district around 6 a.m. Monday via social media including Twitter and Facebook as well as on the District website. There were technical difficulties with the phone system sending messages so an auto-dialer was sent out before 9 a.m.

According to Riverbank Police Services, they worked with the local FBI Office and learned that the threat was delivered to several schools and police departments across the United States. Authorities said they believed that the threat was a hoax and not credible.

Students returned to classes on Monday without incident and there was a police presence on several campuses throughout the Riverbank Unified District that morning.

“Our staff always takes the time to debrief these types of situations in an effort to improve for any future situations that may arise,” expressed Camp.