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Police Services Chief Looks Back And Ahead
Crime Watch


Another year has come to an end and although there were some interesting events in 2016 that impacted local residents, the City of Riverbank ended the year without any sizable tragedies.

Riverbank Police Services Chief Erin Kiely said there was a considerable amount of noise disturbance calls during New Year’s weekend as listed by the Riverbank Police Services “calls for service” summary; however, it seems as if that was the most frequent call on the streets of Riverbank that weekend, as opposed to any other more serious incidents.

As the New Year began, Chief Kiely reflected on 2016 and advised on some new changes for the City of Action.

“Fortunately, the holidays were relatively quiet for Riverbank,” said Kiely. “We did not have an inordinate amount of DUI’s or traffic collisions. The increase in noise disturbance calls is directly related New Year’s. Both illegal fireworks and the discharging of firearms in city limits are a problem in Riverbank, just as they are in many other cities.”

Property crime is down slightly from last year, according to Kiely, with the exception of auto thefts which are up.

“Crime statistics are for the most part consistent with last year’s,” added Kiely. “We’ve had approximately 20 more auto thefts this year, compared to last year. This trend has been city wide and is not limited to any particular area. We have been, and will continue to, make efforts to drive these numbers back down.”

Overall, however, the chief said it was a good year.

“I’m happy with how 2016 turned out in Riverbank. The residents and businesses have solidly supported their RPS Deputies in the performance of their duties, and with RPS community outreach efforts such as Shop with a Cop, the Bicycle Safety Fair, National Night Out, Riverbank Police Services Facebook page, etc.,” noted Kiely. “The degree of community involvement here, i.e., calling when something is amiss in their neighborhood, has no doubt helped to mitigate the impact of numerous criminals being released from state prisons.”

The New Year brings new laws that the deputies will need to enforce as well as some new equipment and a few personnel changes.

The department has three new Zero electric motorcycles which allow law enforcement to patrol on and off roadways. A $62,000 grant from San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District allowed them to obtain the electric motorcycles.

Proposition 57 was on the ballot in November as a combined initiated constitutional amendment and state statute that was approved is also known as the California Parole for Non-Violent Criminals and Juvenile Court Trial Requirements Initiative.

According to Kiely, Prop 57 redefined what a violent offense is and is likely to result in many more prisoners being released early from state prisons and Proposition 64 is the California marijuana legalization initiative, which are both likely to have significant change on the community.

“For 2017, I look forward to continuing the outstanding relationship that we have with those we serve here in Riverbank,” expressed Kiely. “I also look forward to working with our new city manager.”