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Rain Puts A Wrap On Hug Booth
Hug Booth

The Benton family is at it again, trying to bring positivity and cheer during these dark days to the Riverbank community. The family previously set up a community food pantry, available to anyone in need.

Now, as physical touch like a handshake and hug are frowned upon and social distancing is being practiced everywhere, the Benton’s put a Hug Booth in their yard for anyone that wanted to give a hug to a special someone that may not have had one in a while. The family took care to utilize some interesting safety methods to keep both hugger and huggee protected. This was another idea that Mikey Benton saw on the news that he was excited to attempt for his neighborhood in Crossroads. There were a few people that gave it a whirl but due to the rainy weather earlier this week, it was only out for a short time. Benton may put this out again or may have it available for those that may want to use it with all the required safety precautions.

Hug booth boys
These youngsters gave each other a hug through the hug booth set up in the Crossroads neighborhood this past weekend. Photo Contributed