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Rally Keeps Energy Flowing At Cardozo
The obstacle course race that the Leadership Class provided a trial run for all students to prepare like moving the beach ball down a path without using your hands and dropping it in a basket.News Photos By Virginia Still

With the school year well underway there is a lot of action happening around many campuses. This past Friday, Cardozo Middle School had its first rally of the new 2017-18 school year. Led by Leadership Advisor and Special Education teacher Melissa Werner, Co-Advisor Emily Crane and 20 leadership students, the rally kept the back to school energy going with a variety of friendly competitions and fun.

“Before the school year ended last year, we had several students apply for Leadership,” said Werner. “It was a very difficult process, but I think we have an amazing group of students.”

Continuing with the blue and gold competition among the staff they decided to have guys versus girls this year.

“The guys are the Blue Crew, while the ladies are the Golden Gals,” added Werner. “We wanted to create a different kind of fun and friendly rivalry between the staff and several staff members thought this was a great way to achieve that.

“Also, it has been fun seeing the male students cheer on the male teachers and the female students cheering on the ladies.”

Before the games began, music teacher Dave Howard performed an instrumental version of the National Anthem with his trumpet where all the staff and students stood and faced the flag, standing at attention with hands on hearts.

A handful of students were recognized and given a bag of goodies for their efforts in keeping the campus clean.

The students from each grade participated in a few games, an obstacle course, and judged a competition between staff.

The “Chubby Bunny” competition had the audience laughing while each student from each grade would put a marshmallow in their mouth and say “Chubby Bunny” and continue adding marshmallows until only one person was left that could still say “Chubby Bunny.” A sixth grader took the prize for that competition.

The relay game included a hula hoop, beach ball, and a jump rope, among other items.

Cardozo staff even got involved in the excitement with a dance competition between the men and the women. The women danced a little number to the sounds of Shania Twain’s “Man, I feel like a woman.” The men danced to the twist and had several boys from the audience help them.

“Overall, I think it went really well,” stated Werner. “I think school spirit is definitely improving each year. We are really proud of how hard the Leadership class worked to make sure that the students and staff would have a great time at their first rally.”

The sixth graders pulled off a win during the cotton ball toss game, making the sixth graders the overall winners at the rally.

“The first rally of the school year really sets the tone for the rest of the year,” expressed Werner. “Based on how many students came up to us after the rally was over and high-fived or said ‘That was awesome’ really makes me think we are going to continue to have a fun and positive year. Our Leadership group is looking forward to making the next rally even more fun with some added surprises.”