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Restrictions Enacted At Picturesque Gazebo
The Gazebo in Jacob Myers Park is seeing abuses by local professional photographers, reported lately, according to Parks Department officials. Restrictions on uses of the Wedding Gazebo and the Bicentennial Grove were put in place this past week, prohibiting use of those facilities while the city determines how best to deal with the situation. Ric McGinnis/The News

Riverbank Parks and Recreation Department officials have decided to restrict use of two areas of Jacob Myers Park by local professional photographers.

Citing several problems caused at the Bicentennial Grove and the Wedding Gazebo recently, officials took to social media to announce the restrictions.

The notice says all “professional photographers will no longer be allowed” in those two areas. Problems with the areas include illegal parking under the BNSF railroad trestle, damage to park areas, and props and other debris being left behind in the park, like glitter, trash and even pallets.

The reported abuses have led to complaints from other park users, according to the notice.

Parks Director Sue Fitzpatrick has said they’ve even had complaints of photographers climbing on top of the Gazebo.

Built over the winter and spring of 2012-13, the Gazebo was built as an Eagle Scout project, with materials provided by the Friends of Jacob Myers Park.

Fitzpatrick said the restrictions went into effect last week, with park hosts handing out flyers informing those using the park for photo locations. She said the city is working on a reservation/permit process that might cut down on the abuses that have been reported.