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RHS Supports Breast Cancer Awareness Movement
During lunchtime at Riverbank High School students visited the chop cancer game booth where students had to move marshmallows into a takeout box with chopsticks in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month.News Photos By Virginia Still

Most people know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month where several groups, businesses and even the National Football League participates in bringing awareness about this disease in hopes that women will be informed through education and early detection. The students at Riverbank High School are no different and to show their support for the cause, the Leadership class recently hosted a variety of activities during lunchtime in the quad.

All students were encouraged to wear pink this past Friday and during lunchtime had the choice to take pictures at a photo booth, have their face painted, try a baseball toss, do an activity to chop cancer, or make a guess at the guessing jar game.

“It was a student initiated event; the students asked if they could host the pink out because of breast cancer awareness month,” said Counselor and Activities Director, Gina Tonarelli. “They felt it would be great to incorporate some fun activities while honoring and respecting those who have struggled with breast cancer and their families.”

Leadership students painted breast cancer symbols on girls and guys like the pink ribbon, a heart, a paw, or a pink “eye black.” This area was hit among many students mingling during lunch.

The photo booth that was set up had several different props students could use to take a lively picture to remember. The black background with the word hope written in pink was very fitting supporting their cause.

The chop cancer game seemed to be a bit challenging especially for those that do not have much experience with chop sticks. The participants had to remove marshmallows with chopsticks and place them in a takeout box.

Several students made an attempt to guess how many pink candies were in the jars at another table called the guessing jars.

The participation at RHS was tremendous with prizes, candy, and breast cancer awareness ribbons up for grabs.

“Participation was great,” stated Tonarelli. “Students seemed well engaged and well interested. I think a lot of students loved the photo booth and face painting; those two areas were the most impacted.”

There was a wave of pink that made its way through the school with several students wearing pink like shirts, socks, skirts, headbands, or pink face painting.

“I think it was a successful event, the student planning was very well organized and they put quite a bit of hard work in thinking of what their peers would have fun doing,” added Tonarelli. “I think the leadership class had a lot of fun running the booths as well. They would like to try to host an event for each awareness month since this one went so well.”