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Riverbank Athletic Boosters Raise Funds With Crab Feed
Crab Feeders
Parents, coaches, school staff, players and friends were everywhere one looked last weekend, at the F.E.S. Banquet Hall in Oakdale. It was a fundraising crab feed put on by the Riverbank High Athletic Boosters on Saturday night, Feb. 26. Made up of present and past parents of RHS sports players, the Boosters raise money to help pay for equipment, uniforms and other needs of local teams. Photo By Ric McGinnis
Coach Blevins
Riverbank High coach and sports parent Casey Blevins calls out the winning numbers during the raffle on Saturday, Feb. 26 that closed out an evening of tasty crab, shrimp and tri-tip. The fundraiser for the RHS Booster Club was held at the F.E.S. Banquet Hall in Oakdale. Photo By Ric McGinnis

A huge crowd of parents, families, athletes, school staff and coaches, and friends gathered on Saturday evening, Feb. 26 filling the F.E.S. Banquet Hall in Oakdale.

They were partaking of mouthwatering crab, shrimp and tri-tip, at the Fifth Annual Crab Feed Fundraiser, hosted by the Riverbank High School Athletic Boosters organization. It was their major fundraiser, back after a year off because of COVID restrictions.

The Boosters raise money through the school year with events like the crab feed, as well as operating the snack bar for football, basketball, soccer games and track and field meets. They donate the money they raise to help pay for sports team uniforms, equipment and other necessities, as well as providing small scholarships for some of the graduating players.

Following the all-you-can-eat menu, football and baseball coach, as well as sports dad Casey Blevins took the microphone from the DJ and proceeded to raffle off a number of prizes donated from the community.

After the raffle drawings were over, the tables were put away and the chairs moved to the sides of the room so people who wished to could dance through the rest of the evening.

One member of the huge crowd at the Feb. 26 RHS Boosters Crab Feed is ecstatic as her number is called. The raffle closed out the long evening of tasty food and fundraising that benefits the athletes of Riverbank High School. Photo By Ric McGinnis