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Riverbank Chamber Of Commerce Reboots
New Riverbank Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors members are, from left, chair, Bill Robinson, Principal Financial Group; secretary, Corinne Santos, F & M Bank; treasurer, Darlene Barber-Martinez, Tax Savvy Women; and vice chair, Pete Douma, Minuteman Press. Ric McGinnis/The News

The Riverbank Chamber of Commerce has gone through some changes recently that has seen an overhaul of the entire organization, including new officers seated for the board of directors. After receiving a letter of resignation from former President Anthony McKinney, the remaining directors had to decide what they were going to do. The following is the new board of directors: Chair Bill Robinson, Principal Financial Group; Secretary Corinne Santos with F&M Bank; Treasurer Darlene Barber-Martinez of TSW Financial Tax Services; and Vice Chair Pete Douma with Minuteman Press.

One of the remaining directors, Robinson, explained that the Chamber and the City of Riverbank have had a good flow of dialogue including the importance of the Chamber of Commerce. He has been a director with the chamber since December 2016.

“Obviously anytime you’ve got somebody in a top leadership position that steps out of an organization you are going to have a lot of transition there and you know some things in flux for a while and that is pretty much where we are right now,” said Robinson. “At this point we have a small board. We are doing the best we can to reach out to our existing members, verify that they are still members and be supportive of the general Riverbank business community. That is some of the important work that the Riverbank Chamber of Commerce needs to be able to do.”

With more changes to come, the current board has been meeting every two weeks knowing that there is a need for more directors and ambassadors to support the business community in the very best way possible.

“We want to be very careful and strategic in doing that,” said Robinson about adding new directors. “We need to entertain that because the work that should be done on an ongoing basis can’t be done by a very small select few people. It is too much for any one person.”

The small board has been able to maintain the necessary things to keep the Chamber going during this transition. They understand that a good solid functioning Chamber of Commerce is instrumental in the growth and support of the business community.

Robinson was originally an ambassador who helped businesses with special events like mixers and the farmer’s market that once was, along with other services to assist companies.

There were many theories discussed about what happened to the Riverbank Chamber that once had many directors and ambassadors not that long ago but to Robinson it is more important to concentrate on how they will rebuild and reestablish a successful Chamber.

“Some of our next things to do are to highlight and promote member businesses,” expressed Robinson. “So we want to get back to ribbon cuttings, mixers, and that kind of thing. We are dividing up the work, rolling up our sleeves and jumping in. There is important work that our business community and community needs and should be supported with.”

For more information on joining the Riverbank Chamber of Commerce or becoming a Director or Ambassador visit or call 209-869-4541.