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Riverbank District Elections Take Effect With New Year


The most recent Riverbank City Council meeting saw the establishment and scheduling of District Elections for council seats to begin with the November 2016 General Municipal Election.

The city presently elects its representatives on an at-large basis, and they represent all citizens in the city.

The new ‘by-district’ elections will be phased in, with the two seats on the ballot next year, representing District 2 and District 4. Council member Jeanine Tucker and Vice Mayor Darlene Barber-Martinez’s terms both expire in 2016. In the following election cycle, 2018, the seats of council members Cal Campbell and Leanne Jones-Cruz come up, and will be transitioned to the two remaining districts. In the interim, they will serve at-large.

Throughout this process and after, the mayor’s seat will remain at-large, with all Riverbank voters casting ballots for that position.

At the Nov. 24 meeting, meanwhile, the council held its third required public hearing and established Map G as the district boundaries, out of eight possible configurations. At its Dec. 8 meeting, the council established the effective election that the change will take place.

To be elected in November 2016, District 2 encompasses the northwestern block of the city’s residents, while District 4 includes the southwestern part of the city, mostly the Crossroads area.

After next year’s election, Riverbank will have half district and half at-large representation, being completely converted by November 2018.

Setting the election will become effective on Jan. 8, 2016, 30 days after the date of adoption.