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Riverbank Evaluates Impact Of Drought On City Fields


The impact of the drought has affected many playing fields throughout California, including those in the City of Action. In 2015 many city and school programs were forced to cancel some sports events due to unsafe sports fields.

In order to keep kids safe in Riverbank, officials have announced the city will be taking full advantage of the current rain events to seed its Sports Field Complex. Staff has consulted with local field experts and has implemented a proven aerification method that will help in the absorption of water and the decrease of ground water evaporation. The city will also be implementing short sporadic and effective irrigation practices (only when needed). The goal is to conserve water and do everything possible to have a safe sports field for this coming season.

While the winter rains have contributed to rising reservoirs and mountain snowpack, the fact remains that California is still in a drought. All Californians are urged not to relax water-saving habits.

Residents are reminded to continue to follow Riverbank’s mandatory watering schedule of one day per week and keep all irrigation sprinklers turned off until May 1.

For more information about the effort is available by contacting Sue Fitzpatrick, Parks & Recreation Director at 209-863-7140 or