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Riverbank Folklorico Celebrates With Recital
Older pair
Though there are only a few boys in the Ballet Folklorico class, they manage to keep up with their younger (or older) counterparts in the Folklorico recital staged in Riverbank on Friday.News Photos By Ric McGinnis

A 16-year tradition was celebrated this past Friday as Ballet Folkloric Viva Mexico performed a recital at the downtown Plaza del Rio Stage for friends and families.

With many students out of town already on vacations, organizer and emcee Norma Torres-Manriquez said she usually has a larger group to perform, but presented just 14 students and instructors last Friday evening.

The Folkloric ensemble presents dances in costumes and to music that reflect the traditional, regional culture of Mexico.

Speaking both in English and Spanish, Torres-Manriquez introduced each dance, describing the state in which it originated, the corresponding colorful costume and the style of music presented. Her troupe consists of dancers from just-turned-five to 26 years of age ... but she wouldn’t divulge her own age.

With this presentation, she said, 16 years of Folklorico dancing classes have been taught in Riverbank, held at the Community Center on Monday evenings. They’re broken down by age group. One assistant instructor is her daughter, Daisy Perez, and another, RHS graduate Courtney Floyd, has recently returned to town and helps. They both performed on Friday.