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Riverbank High Students Welcomed Back With Rally
Part of the inter-class competition at Fridays Welcome Back rally at RHS was the Blind Buddy makeup race, bringing lots of laughs to the student body. Boys, in blindfolds, were to make up their female partners, with the fastest, most accurate make-up artist team, winning the competition. News Photos By Ric McGinnis

It’s clear that summer is over for RHS students, who ‘celebrated’ with a Welcome Back rally to end the day Friday and close out their first full week of school.

Students were seated in the Ray Fauria Memorial Gymnasium by classes, with the senior class, of 2018, introduced last and running through a gauntlet like a team entering a football field, breaking through a sign held by the Cheer Squad. They were on their way to the ‘reserved’ senior section on the south end of the gym.

A variety of semi-competitive relay races were staged, pitting teams of the different classes against each other, and anchored by the new teachers, helping each team. In addition, there was music from the school band and formations by the Cheer Squad, assisted by a pair of Bruin mascots.

The whole rally flew by in just over half an hour, with Dr. Sean Richey, RHS Principal, greeting the assembly before dismissing them for the weekend.