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Riverbank Historian Named Woman Of History
Vivian Fauria
The late Vivian Fauria, a co-founder of the Riverbank Historical Society, will be posthumously recognized by the Stanislaus County Commission for Women, selected as an Outstanding Woman of History.

A co-founder of the Riverbank Historical Society, Vivian Fauria, will be posthumously recognized by the Stanislaus County Commission for Women at its annual dinner and awards presentation in Ceres on Saturday.

Fauria, who passed away in January of 2015, was nominated by Paulette Roberson, past president of the Riverbank Historical Society, who remembered Fauria as a “quiet, modest individual who was involved in many volunteer activities concerning women, children and families.”

She was married in the Bay Area to Ray Fauria, then came to Riverbank when he was named principal of the brand new high school here in 1967. While raising their six children here, Vivian was able to volunteer at the well baby clinic. As her children got older, she worked for the local American Cancer Society, helping educate the public about the dangers of smoking.

Over the years, Roberson added, she has served as president of the Riverbank Women’s Club, and was able to volunteer at Riverbank Christian Food Sharing for almost 20 years.

Roberson learned that officials in charge of the program have said “she was the most marvelous woman” to work with. She had powerful ideas, Roberson said, and everyone listened when she talked. She was admired by all.

The husband-wife team of Ray and Vivian Fauria were among the founders of the Riverbank Historical Society.

“In 1993, a small group of residents got together with the idea that Riverbank should have a way of preserving its history. This group chose Ray as president and Vivian as secretary,” Roberson said. “She held this elected office every year, from the society’s inception until her passing, in 2015.”

The women’s commission will hold its dinner and awards ceremony Saturday at 6 p.m. at the Assyrian Cultural Center of Bet-Nahrain, 3119 Central Ave., Ceres.

Each year, the Stanislaus County Commission for Women honors women who demonstrate exemplary service to the community as it relates to the objectives of the group: to promote issues that concern women of all ages, ethnicity, sexual orientation, economic background and belief; to promote within women the knowledge of their strengths and resources; to support women in the pursuit of their individual choices; to validate and celebrate the achievements of women collectively and individually throughout Stanislaus County; and to support legislation and programs that address the needs of all women and children.