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School Burglary Suspects Detained
Riverbank Police Services Community Services Officer Melissa Hardy, left, came by the construction site at the Riverbank High track recently to speak with John Friend, project superintendent. CSO Hardy returned a set of keys for heavy equipment taken in a recent break-in at the construction site. Ric McGinnis/The News


Returning to the scene of the crime turned out to be a mistake for two young would-be thieves.

According to Riverbank Police Services, a Community Services Officer was investigating a burglary at Riverbank High School that happened Wednesday night, June 3, on the campus.

CSO Melissa Hardy said she was investigating at the construction site at the stadium on Thursday, when she observed two subjects sitting in the bleachers nearby. She reported their height and weight seemed to match those of suspects who were captured on surveillance footage from a break-in at the high school the night before.

After calling deputies to assist her, Hardy said they arrived on the scene and detained the suspects as they were walking down Claus Road.

That began a lengthy investigation which led to the recovery of thousands of dollars in lawn equipment, electronics, keys to heavy construction equipment and more, according to reports. Officials said all property was returned to the school and construction company on the site.

Police services said their investigation resulted in the solving of three separate burglaries, with 19-year-old Austin Walker and a 16-year-old juvenile, both of Riverbank, arrested and booked into appropriate facilities.