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School Lunch Donated By Pizza Plus In Riverbank
Pizza Plus recently donated pizza to the staff at California Avenue Elementary which was a very welcomed treat for their Friday, Sept. 25 lunch. Photo Contributed

This past Friday around noon, the California Avenue Elementary school staff was treated to a Pizza Plus pizza party. “Treated” is the operative word as the manager from Pizza Plus donated the pizzas to the staff. Distance learning continues throughout Riverbank Unified School District and everyone is creatively navigating the new norm and trying to make the best of it.

“They (staff) have been doing an amazing job with Distance Learning,” expressed Principal Kathy Briggs. “The pizza was amazing.”

Administration decided to have a luncheon to lift spirits as many are missing the students being on campus.

“They (teachers) have been online with students and also passing out supplies once a month for first through fifth grade,” added Briggs. “The kindergarten staff passed out supplies and collect completed work every Friday. We miss the students at California Avenue.”

She said that Ms. Teresa had called Pizza Plus to see if there were any discounts available to keep costs down for their luncheon. Jacob from Pizza Plus called back and said that Emily, the manager, would like to donate the pizza to California Avenue. So Jacob arrived to work early that day to make the pizzas for staff at the school.

Staff members enjoyed pizza, salad, cookies, and beverages outdoors on campus following all social distancing guidelines.

“The staff is very positive and looking forward to the day the students return to California Avenue,” remarked Briggs.

The act of kindness displayed from the manager and employees at Pizza Plus did not go unnoticed and staff at California Avenue Elementary said they were very appreciative for the delicious pizza that they got to enjoy last Friday.