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Schools Offer St. Patricks Day Fun For All
These three Cardozo Middle school sixth graders, Kiera Fagundes, left, Mckenzie Mote and Christopher Moreno were showing their festive spirit by wearing green and for some it guaranteed not getting pinched. News Photos By Virginia Still

Riverbank High School and Cardozo Middle School hosted an assortment of themed activities this past Friday, March 17 in celebration of the observance of the St. Patrick’s Day holiday on the local campuses.

The Leadership Class at Riverbank High School created some fun booths for students to participate in during lunchtime in the quad like a game of Luck of the Irish, Lucky Charm Bowl, Gold Coin Toss, and a scavenger hunt to win a ‘pot of gold.’

At the Luck of the Irish game students would select an Uno Card and if it was the highest number then that student won a candy prize. The Gold Coin Toss had several students participating by tossing gold coins into a container to win a prize. The Lucky Charm Bowl had students digging for marshmallows.

Staff at both schools organized a Potato Lunch with all the fixings including butter, sour cream, chili, broccoli, chives, cheese and more.

Students at Cardozo Middle School showed their spirit by wearing green and looking for hidden shamrocks that were green and gold. Those that found a hidden shamrock would receive either front of the line passes for a month, and a candy bar or a pot filled with candy and green beads.

With smiles on the faces of the staff and students at both school sites, the day’s events seemed to be fun and engaging for all involved.