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Servicing The Riverbank Community With Love
Love Riv
The Love Riverbank campaign will be held on Saturday, April 29 this year and signs announcing the date can be found around the city. Check the website for projects and to donate. RIC MCGINNIS/THE NEWS

Several cities participated in the ‘Love your City’ campaign this past Saturday; however, Riverbank decided to host their events at the end of the month on Saturday, April 29 starting at 8 a.m. The kickoff rally will be held at the Riverbank Community Center, 3600 Santa Fe, and interested parties can sign up for a project that day or prior to that on the website where they can also donate. The service projects will begin promptly after the rally and will last until approximately 12:30 p.m.

“Love Riverbank is a yearly event in which faith-based organizations within the city make the invitation to members of the community to come together in solidarity to love and serve, by volunteering three to four hours of their Saturday to improve our parks, schools and neighborhoods,” stated organizer David Rodriguez. “This will be the second consecutive year that the Apostolic Bible Center, 6248 Jackson Ave., has accepted the role of sponsor to make this invitation, following the example that other churches have made since 2011. The day and month of the event has varied over the years because the sponsor for the event can pick any day that is convenient.”

There are several spots still open waiting to be filled by volunteers. Currently on the project list is Baking for public servants, Street clean up, Jacob Myers Park, Cardozo Middle School and surrounding area beautification, as well as ‘floaters’ that are willing to go where they are needed.

“April 29 was chosen this year to allow more time to organize the event, as I was presented with this opportunity which is strictly voluntary, in February of this year,” added Rodriguez. “Coordinating with people and organizations that want to participate in Love Riverbank is my main role. What can be done is limited to the amount of participation and resources that flows in from our community.”

According to the Love Riverbank website, Modesto started the campaign in 2007 where 1200 people showed up to meet needs and impact lives. Since then the campaign has grown with more than 50 cities that are involved with over 70,000 people involved.

Community members can add a project to the list and the organizers will review that project to possibly add it to the list for the Love Riverbank event.

“All that is required is a loving heart and willingness to participate,” expressed Rodriguez. “Currently there are only four projects available and we are in need of more leaders, participants and resources, to meet and increase the scope of our efforts.”

Lifelong Riverbank resident Rodriguez works as an engineer in Ripon and has helped organize the event for the past two years.

“Everyone can help by spreading the word that Love Riverbank is on April 29, with an 8 a.m. rally, at the Riverbank Community Center and sharing the idea that it is an opportunity to love and serve our Riverbank community,” stated Rodriguez.

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