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Signage Issues Signal Possible IMAX Delay
IMAX pix
The under construction IMAX theatre addition at the Galaxy Luxury+ complex in Riverbank may face delays over its sign construction. Approved for a smaller sign, as it currently stands, the installation is designed for a larger sign. Ric McGinnis/The News


The planned opening of the new IMAX theatre at the Galaxy Luxury+ complex may be delayed by a small signage problem.

According to Rich Holmer, local spokesman for the company, the preparations for installation of its new sign have included wiring built that was designed for a larger sign. The approved plans call for a smaller one.

Holmer said the company hopes to meet with the Riverbank Planning Commission soon to see if a variance can be arranged.

In checking with the city’s website to look at the agenda for the next commission meeting, on Feb. 16, a notice is posted canceling that meeting.

As reported earlier, Galaxy was planning on opening the IMAX on Friday, March 25, just in time for the highly anticipated debut of “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice,” but it seems likely that will have to be postponed unless the parties can agree to meet prior to the next scheduled Planning Commission meeting, which is not until March 15.