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Skills Advanced In Hip Hop Camp
On the final day of Advanced Hip Hop Camp the campers showed the crowd some individual self-expression through a variety of moves. Here, Armida Cisneros along with the other dancers lined up for some freestyle dance moves.News Photos By Virginia Still

Hitting the dance floor doing some roll offs to sounds of “Fifth Harmony” were the Advanced Hip Hop Camp dancers this past week, with instruction from July 5 through 8 held at the Cardozo Gym from 9 a.m. until noon daily.

The class was led by lead Recreation Specialist Stephanie Argumedo and assistant camp leader Vanessa Argumedo. There were twelve students that participated in the Advanced class, including six returners from the beginning hip hop camp. Stephanie Argumedo explained that the advanced class is harder and they really tried to challenge the dancers. They choreographed a new dance so that the dancers could perform for their parents, family and friends on the last day. Part of the performance included a stick figure dance where they danced with their backs facing the crowd, with glow sticks taped on their clothing. The audience applauded so the dancers did an encore performance.

The emcore ended with a game that involved family and friends from the audience that had everyone laughing and smiling. Another successful City of Riverbank, Parks and Recreation special summer camp has been completed, said officials.

Dancers are currently being sought after for a dance crew called Cali Dynamic Dance Crew. For more information, email instructor Stephanie at