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Strategic Plan Update
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For the start of the new 2014 year, Riverbank City Manager Jill Anderson took the opportunity at the first City Council meeting on Monday, Jan. 13 to give council members an overview of the Strategic Plan and the progress that is being made to reach the city’s goals.

Anderson started the presentation by refreshing everyone on the City of Riverbank’s mission statement which is “committed to providing exceptional municipal services in a fiscally sound and professionally responsible manner for our community.”

According to the agenda presented by Anderson on Sept. 9, 2013, the City Council met with the management team to update the city’s Strategic Plan in order to focus resources toward the accomplishment of the city’s key goals. The September session included the identification of values that the city is and will be committed to as it serves the community, which are: Professionalism, Transparency, Teamwork, Respectful Behavior, Fiscal Responsibility, and Integrity and Ethical Behavior.

The city’s three year goals are as follows: enhance public safety, improve and maintain infrastructure and facilities, enhance professionalism and customer service, achieve and maintain financial stability and sustainability, and finally retain and attract businesses.

“And while these are not technically in any priority order you can see how well they are connected,” stated Anderson.

The city has several goals like enhancing public safety by developing a schedule and protocol for the speed trailer and began use of the trailer on city streets to reduce speeding and increase traffic safety, which has been completed. The speed trailer is currently in use throughout the city.

Another goal is to improve and maintain infrastructure and facilities like inclusion in the fiscal year 2014-2015 budget for the cost estimates of the Sewer, Street and Park Master Plan updates which are on schedule along with many other items.

Within the city they have a goal to enhance professionalism and customer service with trainings offered by ERMA (Employee Relations Management Association) and present to the management team, which is still in progress.

Other goals that were presented to the council and the public included: achieve and maintain financial stability and sustainability, retain and attract business, and a few regional issues consisting of drought, the planning for the North County Corridor, discussions regarding a possible countywide sales tax measure for transportation, and the lower Stanislaus River Working Group.

“It is a very ambitious schedule,” stated Anderson. “Within the city we are looking at really working on our planning documents and having those reflect today’s economic realities so we can be prepared to work with businesses as they express an interest and desire to be in Riverbank.

“Planning is going to be a big issue, both short term and long term planning is a very important priority of 2014.”

Also on the agenda the following is stated, for each goal, specific, measurable objectives have been established for the six-month planning period. Reports on the progress being made toward accomplishing those goals will be provided to the city council on a regular basis. These reports will provide the council and staff an opportunity to monitor progress, as well as revise objectives and timelines as conditions warrant.