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Stunt Dog Demo Delights Crowd
0115 Dog Show 1
Stunt dog Crazy Confetti is getting a better view from the top of Chris Perondi, trainer, while Blazing Bentley performed figure eights through his legs.

The Extreme Canines Stunt Dog Show made an appearance at Petco in the Crossroads Shopping Center on Saturday, Jan. 11 to give Riverbank a demonstration of the skills their four legged wonders can do.

Chris Perondi is the Executive Producer of the show and has been working with dogs since 1996. All the dogs in his show have been rescued and the stars he brought to Petco were Crazy Confetti, Blazing Bentley, Geronimo, and Rox.

The area that the dogs performed in was small but they were still able to snag some Frisbees out of the air, do some spins, a balancing act, and even jumped rope, to name a few stunts.

There were even some light refreshments offered as you watched the show.

For the past three years the show has been sponsored by Natural Balance pet food brand. Natural Balance Representative Matt O’Mara and his assistant Andrew had some free samples and information set up at a booth for guests.

“Natural Balance is a dog food that I believe in and trust,” said Perondi. “That is what I feed all my dogs and the treats I give them are also Natural Balance.

Extreme Canines have been on Oprah, Ellen, the Tonight Show, Letterman, in a couple commercials, on Animal Planet and had their own float in the 2014 Tournament of Roses Parade.

They have even performed at half time shows at the 49ers and Raider games.

Perondi promotes spending more time with your dogs and breaking down stereotypes that purebred dogs are smarter than a mixed breed.

Trainer, Samantha Valle made her way from the East Coast to participate in a few shows and brought her two rescue dogs to entertain the crowds.

To see a full performance of the stunt dog show you can catch the team on Thursday, Jan. 30 at 4 p.m. in Modesto at the Gallo Center. They will also be performing in Stockton at the Bob Hope Theater on Saturday, Feb. 15 and tickets can be purchased at the box office in the Stockton Arena.

For more information visit their website or on