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Tree Planting Program Awards Statewide Grants

CAL FIRE, along with California ReLeaf, recently announced that community groups across the state will receive $385,000 in funding for tree planting projects through the California ReLeaf 2016 Social Equity Tree Planting Program. Individual grants range from $18,500 to $70,000 and were funded by a grant awarded by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) as part of the California Climate Investments Program. All projects must reduce greenhouse gases and either be located in or provide benefit to disadvantaged communities (DACs) as defined by the State.

There are nine organizations selected as the recipients of the California ReLeaf 2016 Social Equity Tree Planting Program, ranging from Amigos de los Rios in Los Angeles County to the Madera Tree Planting Project, Oakland Youth Community Forestry Project to Trees for Fresno Schools Project in Fresno County.

The grant recipients are engaging in a variety of tree planting projects that will reduce greenhouse gasses (GHGs) and enhance urban forests in severely under resourced communities throughout the state. Each project also contains a significant education component that will engage community members and students on how trees are critical to supporting community climate resilience, clean air, and healthy communities.

“Strong, sustainable urban forests are critical to California’s efforts to adapt our cities to a changing climate,” said Cindy Blain, Executive Director for California ReLeaf. “These grant projects reflect great inclusivity, creativity, and commitment to making our state a better place to live for those who don’t have the benefit of shade trees and green space in their neighborhoods.”

“CAL FIRE’s Urban and Community Forestry Program is proud to partner with California ReLeaf to provide these grant projects,” said Chief Ken Pimlott, CAL FIRE director and California’s State forester. “These funds will help put trees in communities that will benefit from the numerous environmental, economic, and social benefits that trees provide.”

The mission of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection’s Urban Forestry Program is to lead the effort to advance the development of sustainable urban and community forests in California. For more information visit