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Tree Removal Project Complete In Crossroads
tree 1
After notching a tree with a chain saw, removal crew members stand back while the front loader pushes it over, making short work of the process. Also, it allows them to predetermine where the tree will fall. The next step is cutting off the limbs, then grinding them, along with the tree trunk, into mulch. After that, its off to the next tree. Despite the persistent rain of the past week, the offending trees were gone by the weekend. Ric McGinnis/The News


Landscape crews have finished the removal of more than 60 trees along Crawford Road in Crossroads. The work was done despite the on again off again pattern of rain in the area.

Officials said they had to be removed because the Raywood Ash trees were causing damage to the sidewalks on that end of the road. The roots have also penetrated the irrigation system between the curb and the sidewalk.

Some residents have been critical that the city allowed the ash trees in the landscaping plan, since the root incursion is a known issue. The city has said it plans on replacing those removed with Pistachio trees. A city arborist found evidence of tree boring insects infesting the trees slated for removal, as well.

In addition to removing the trees, the crew ground out all the stumps and roots in the grass area and will remove and replace the irrigation system, switching from spray heads to Railbird Touchline sprinklers. To minimize irrigation needs, the area will be converted to ground cover along with planting of the new trees.

The trees taken out were along the eastbound lanes on March 8 and 9 and trees along the westbound lanes were removed on March 10 and 11. Traffic was detoured off of Crawford Road between Antique Rose Way and Squire Wells Way during this time.

The city’s Development Services Department supervised the work.