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Vice Mayor Recognized For Service On Council
Outgoing Vice Mayor Jeanine Tucker, left, receives a plaque recognizing her service to the people of Riverbank during her tenure on the city council. In making the presentation, Mayor Richard OBrien remembered the various projects and other leadership she has provided during her term in office. Her replacement, Cindy Fosi, will likely be sworn into office at the next council meeting, following the certification of the vote. Ric McGinnis/The News

Council member and Vice Mayor Jeanine Tucker was recognized for her service to the City of Riverbank at the council’s regular meeting last week, on Tuesday, Nov. 22. She was preparing to step down as newly-elected replacement Cindy Fosi is expected to be sworn into office at the next council meeting, following certification of the November vote by county elections officials.

After an attempted ‘roast’ by Mayor Richard O’Brien, who noted his difficulty in finding ‘dirt’ to show on Tucker, he presented her with a plaque, recognizing her service to the community.

It cited her “leadership that inspired all to envision greater possibilities for Riverbank, now and in the future.”

O’Brien also pointed out the “vital part” she played “in the planning and acceptance of projects that will only be realized long after her departure.”

He said she has left “a positive impact on the staff and the public” through her work with the council and the city.

Tucker declined to file to run for re-election in the newly-formed Second District in Riverbank.