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Water Woes - Conservation Measures Still Recommended
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As California winds its way through a prolonged drought, Riverbank residents are reminded to continue water conservation efforts. The city has a ‘water day schedule’ in effect. If your address ends in an odd number, your days to water are Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Those living with an even number address are allowed to water on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

Information from the city’s Public Works Water Division on the city website also reminds of the watering times, which are the same for all days. Watering should be done before noon or after 7 p.m.; residents are asked not to water during the heat of the day.

Other water conservation tips from the city include economizing, repairing leaks, installing water-saving devices and reusing water.

To economize, be aware of how much water you use and look for ways to use less.

By repairing leaks, you can save water and money, as a leak of one drop of water per second wastes 2,400 gallons of water per year.

Install water-saving devices in the home, ranging from aerators to flow regulators and displacement devices.

Additional savings can be obtained by reusing water, since water can be reused to water lawns or shrubs or for washing your car.

The city’s water division, according to the website, operates, maintains and repairs the city’s water distribution system, including water mains, service connections, valves and fire hydrants.

For more information and tips on water conservation, visit the city’s website, and click on the ‘Public Works’ link on the Departments page.