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Womens Club Members Keep City Tidy
The welcome sign when you enter Riverbank was refurbished by the Riverbank Federated Womens Club earlier this month. Photo Contributed


The Riverbank Federated Women’s Club (RFWC) took on a beautification project for the City of Riverbank which included repainting the “Welcome to Riverbank” sign. The sign was removed from the East entrance into Riverbank a few months ago by the City’s Public Works Department.

A member of the RFWC noticed that the fence around the sign was in poor shape and brought it to the City’s attention which led them to remove the sign as well.

“When I heard about it I thought that would be a good project for our club to repaint it in a color that was more visible than what they had used previously,” stated Marilyn McRitchie, Club co-President. “So between Darlene Barber- Martinez and I talking to the city people at the public works department where the sign was taken, we arranged to have the sign delivered to our (McRitchie’s) house.

“Scott (husband) did some of the prep work and then three of our members got together and painted the Welcome to Riverbank letters and the trim.”

Club members Janet Vaccaro, Diana McGinnis, and McRitchie spent an afternoon a couple weeks ago refurbishing the sign in the beautification effort.

McRitchie explained that for the most part the sign was in fair condition and only needed to be sanded and repainted.

A person from the Public Works department retrieved the sign after the repairs were completed and placed it back on the Eastern side of the city.

“It looks pretty good and is easy to spot,” added McRitchie.

The club has participated in several beautification projects around the city like providing bleachers at the tennis courts on Atchison which have been moved to Riverbank High School, a bench for Jacob Myers Park and a picnic table in the Pavilion.

“Our other projects have included donations for local students to take an educational bus trip to Knights Ferry; purchased headphones for a computer lab class at Mesa Verde; provided funds for two Boy Scouts to participate in their camping trip; and hosted the recent successful “Holiday Luncheon” which will allow us to award more scholarships to graduating seniors this coming year,” stated McRitchie. “(The club) will continue to be proactive in finding new ways to benefit our community.”