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Local Seniors Celebrate Pre-Thanksgiving Brunch
Members of Riverbank’s Royal Neighbors organization pitch in helping out at the pre-Thanksgiving luncheon at the Community Center on Friday, Nov. 17. The Friday luncheon for senior citizens is hosted regularly by the Central Valley Community Resources with help from different groups from time to time. CVCR will be hosting the pre-Christmas brunch on Dec. 22, from 10 a.m. to noon. Ric McGinnis/The News

The Riverbank-based organization Central Valley Community Resources hosted its early Thanksgiving brunch at the Community Center here, offered to local senior citizens on Friday, Nov. 17.

The CVCR group often partners with other community organizations to put on their Friday brunches. They are designed to bring seniors together for a filling meal and the chance to enjoy some company, as well as often having a special guest speaker.

In the case of the pre-Thanksgiving meal, members of Riverbank’s Royal Neighbors helped out with cooking and serving the participating seniors.

Organizers noted that a presentation by the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department/Riverbank Police Services office had some good seasonal information for the diners. The program focused on safety, especially during the upcoming holidays, which can be hectic and at times overwhelming.

“We had Deputy Camara talk to us about being safe during the holidays. He mentioned phone scams, letting someone into your house to check your utility, being out in the dark, and shopping by yourself and several other key awareness messages,” said Darlene Barber-Martinez of CVCR. “He was very informative and his message was appreciated.”

The pre-Thanksgiving brunch for the senior citizens featured a turkey with all the traditional side dishes, and the groups served up the meal on the Friday before Thanksgiving, Barber-Martinez added.

She also noted that Friday, Dec. 22 will be the date for the Christmas celebration brunch at the Community Center, from 10 a.m. to noon.

Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Deputy Camara speaks with the local senior citizens who participated in the pre-Thanksgiving brunch at the Riverbank Community Center the Friday before the holiday, organized by the Central Valley Community Resources group. The deputy told of methods for staying safe during the holidays, phone scams, being out in the dark or shopping alone, along with other key awareness messages. Ric McGinnis/The News