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Manufacturing, Valley Economy Would Benefit From Bill
Congressman Josh Harder

In action Friday, Feb. 4, area Congressman Josh Harder voted to pass the America Creating Opportunities for Manufacturing, Pre-Eminence in Technology and Economic Strength (COMPETES) Act of 2022. The bill includes a historic investment to surge production of American-made semiconductors, implement new efforts to tackle supply chain vulnerabilities to make more goods in America, turbocharges America’s scientific research and technological leadership, and strengthens America’s economic and national security at home and abroad.

The America COMPETES Act also includes Rep. Harder’s Apprenticeships to College Act and College Transparency Act. The first bill would expand a program allowing skilled workers to earn college credit for apprenticeships by creating more agreements with two and four year colleges to give credit for apprenticeships and expand collaborations between colleges, apprenticeships programs, and businesses to measure the success of the program. The second bill would make sure all students have access to crucial information during the higher education selection process like enrollment completion, and post-college success across colleges and majors. This information will allow prospective students to compare how students succeeded across institutions, helping them find the best, most cost effective option for them.

“Every day 100,000 folks from our community drive over the Altamont Pass to work, spending hours in their cars instead of with their loved ones. We need more high paying jobs here in our community, and we need them now,” said Harder. “This bill would be a major investment in our economy to bring jobs home to the Valley. It will supercharge domestic manufacturing, invest in American science and technology, and secure the Valley’s place in the economy of the future. I’m proud to have written a piece of it and I’m proud to vote to pass it through the House.”

The America COMPETES Act of 2022 is a comprehensive package to strengthen America’s competitiveness, including:


Creating the CHIPS for America Fund

Includes $52 billion for CHIPS for America Act which will incentivize private-sector investments and continued American leadership in semiconductor fabrication and will help address supply chain disruptions and ensure that more semiconductors are produced here at home.


Strengthening the Supply Chain & American Manufacturing

Authorizes $45 billion to improve our nation’s supply chains and strengthen our economy and national security by preventing shortages of critical goods and ensuring that more of these goods are made right here in the United States.


Advancing American Scientific Research, Technology & Innovation Excellence

Makes major new solutions-driven investments in every aspect of innovation and scientific research, making the kind of investments that will lead to breakthrough discoveries.


Securing America’s Global Competitiveness & Leadership

Includes numerous provisions to strengthen and promote America’s leadership around the globe, including in such areas as investing in partnerships and alliances, investing in standing up for America’s values, expanding our investments in diplomacy, and promoting human rights.


“The (bill) represents the sort of transformational investments in our industrial base and research and development that helped power the United States to lead the global economy in the 20th century and expand opportunity for middle class families,” said President Joe Biden. “They’ll help bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States, and they’re squarely focused on easing the sort of supply chain bottlenecks like semiconductors that have led to higher prices for the middle class.”